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Valhalla Ulfhednar is a Viking-Age re-enactment group founded in 1984 and based mostly in the South of England.

We are a members of The Vikings, the largest and oldest Dark-Age re-enactment society in Europe and the probably the world, with over 800 members throughout Britain, as well as Europe the USA and Canada.

While the Society concentrates mainly on the 10th Century, some events are set in the wider period from 790 to 1066, with appropriate modifications to dress and equipment. Valhalla is very much a battle combat oriented group, and as the list below shows, unlike many re-enactment groups the blue and white shields of Valhalla are also well known outside the UK because it's members regularly travel to events in Europe and North America.

We especially have many friends in North America, and take pride in being very heavily involved in setting up and supporting our societies North American division, The Vikings-NA. There is a history of our hands-on involvement here.


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